Fantasy Football Espn Rankings

Michigan Football: Do Wolverines have a shot with 4-star QB CJ Stroud?

It wasn't going to take long for Michigan football to target another quarterback in 2020, following the news that JD Johnson would have to medically retire. 

Fantasy Football Espn Rankings
Fantasy Football Espn Rankings

Fantasy Football Espn Rankings

Now we shall talk about Fantasy Football Espn Rankings.
And after some reports, four-star quarterback CJ Stroud announced on his Twitter account Monday that Michigan football had indeed offered the top uncommitted prospect in 2020, joining a battle that features a number of other heavyweights including Ohio State, Georgia, and USC.

Stroud, a 6-foot-2 recruit from the state of California, is the No. 4 pro-style quarterback and is listed as the 137th prospect overall according to the 247 composite rankings. He also offered prayers for Johnson in his offer announcement.

While the offer really isn't surprising, given all the momentum Stroud has right now, the biggest question is whether Michigan football will be a serious contender?

Fantasy Football Espn

Right now, 247 sports has all of Stroud's crystal balls going with Ohio State. He has already visited the Buckeyes once and is set to visit Columbus again next month, right before the early signing period begins in fact.

Greg Biggins of 247 sports caught with Stroud recently and in the post ($), Stroud talks about his visit schedule which is going to include some trips to Georgia, Ohio State, and Oregon. UCLA and USC are also ramping up their interest along with the Wolverines.

Stroud also told Biggins that his plan was to try and graduate early so that he could early enroll wherever he decides to go to school and play football. That makes him even more tantalizing as he could potentially be ready to contribute next season.

Obviously, Michigan football doesn't need a quarterback ready to start right away, not with Dylan McCaffrey and Joe Milton set to battle it out for the starting job next fall. But if the loser of that battle decides to transfer, depth will be needed and Cade McNamara is the only other option.

Fantasy Football

McNamara has a lot of upsides too and fans should be excited about all three guys currently projected to remain on the roster after the graduation of Shea Patterson.

But Michigan needs to add at least one arm a year, simply due to attrition. However, it remains to be seen if Stroud can be the guy. Right now, unless things change, Michigan football seems on the edge of serious contenders.

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