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The top 6 most recent poems in Bangladesh. Which is highlighted below. Also if you want to get the latest news, stay tuned by email subscription. So let's not go to the main stage. Many time-born poets were born in Bangladesh. They wrote many poems. From their poem, I have presented six poems in front of you. We hope you will like. You can know about BD News Online by this website
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BD News Online

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** Great Freedom ***

The sole absorption regime of the puck,
And the voluntary persecution became widespread, the people of Bengal.
Let the nation be free,
People are betting on this.
We will break the dependence,
No matter how hard it is.

The whole Bengali, in the religious solidarity,
To be united
To demand independence,
The people are from Bengal.
Called the War of Liberation,
Called Freedom.

Father of the Nation led by Bangabandhu,
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
Gorizia got up to respond,
The brave Bengalis.

The time was Christian,
Nineteen hundred and seventy-one.
Bloody for nine months,
After a long struggle.

On the world map,
Born in Bangladesh.
We got the nationality,
Earned is our sovereign freedom.

As if not
We have this freedom.
To whom,
They are great, they are Mahatma.

Three million martyrs have been acquired in fresh blood,
Glorious, great freedom in this homeland.
This blood debt of martyrs,
The nation will never forget.

In the name of martyrs, how many poets will write poetry,
The song of freedom in Rachibe.
Maybe he'll have some writing in between,
The names of these great martyrs.

There will be great sacrifices throughout life,
That is why I dedicated this poem to the martyr.

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** We are the Army ***

We are soldiers, we are skilled soldiers.
Strong as a thunderbolt, firm like a mountain
Mother's strength, courage and morale.

In gentleness, strength, quickness and intensity
There are mothers, fancy Ron tactics
We are the invincible, war-winning army.

Looking back, we see if we can
The result of the victory of independence in 1971,
We are the ones who win the war in the past
The liberation of Bengal was the Kumi-skilled heroic army.

If any comes before the mother
Mountains are a huge battle party
Break and eat, crumble
Put the foot on the floor.
Always beating, it is courage and morale

Kakhna creator Bin, fear of anyone and Karina
In this vast world of creator creation
The constant truth, born, is surely dead
However, the hard-earned respect of Mother
Not on foot.

There will always be heroism and morale
Mother's oath will keep the soil of the motherland free
We are the brave army of Bengal.

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** Memorable Twenty-One ***

My language is your language, your mother tongue is Bengali,
Those who have given life for the language.
They are the crown of the nation's pride,
Twenty-one is great for the nation.

Who protects the mother tongue, protect the nation,
Laughter has passed through the mouth.
Twenty-one February, an unforgettable name, wrapped in blood
The memory of the heart, which is only remembered in the heart.

The one that didn't let go, our mother tongue,
Has kept the standard of the Bengali nation.
He is one of the twenty-first world courts, recognizing our Bengali language
The nation has brought the honorable honor.

As long as the world is in our language,
And the name of the Bengali nation.
In the history of the nation, gold is written as if,
The names of these great martyrs.

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** Equal Rights ***

The door is closing,
Women have taken away their rights.
Observe if along with the action,
Women are now equal in all activities.
Action calls for women, president, prime minister,
Regardless, the country is doing well.

Warrior women fight while defending the country,
Arms fight with your hands, say your arms.
The judiciary, the governing department, if all the sections turn,
Women are identifying work skills in all departments.

Office ball court ball
Where to go for education and bank insurance,
In all cases, there are always women beside men
Country service social service, they are going from house to house.

When you see sports, including ball, cricket, swimming, turn around
Today women are playing in all sports, all over the world.

The bus driver and launch driver, pilot to innovator
If the eyelids fall, there are still women.
Women in the field farm in hats and bazaars, men beside busywork
Now, with four walls in captivity, no one lives.

If one is good, no more than two children,
If it is to be implemented in reality.
But first of all, it needs to be implemented
The personality of women is freedom and equal rights.

Wages from the highway, women are busy everywhere.
That is why today, men and women are equal.

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** Seeking Justice ***

If you come to you, the burden of judgment,
The door to forgiveness, greatness, and humanity easily opens.

Once upon a time, look at you,
Think carefully, then concentrate.

Either if your husband or your wife,
As soon as the sword gorges in the hand, head to the intersection.

Or if anyone kills, child, father, or brother,
Before the trial, you must say, the murder of the murder must be.

Think about it for you, if that is the level of justice,
Why the speed of justice for others, the journey to the wrong way.

Why the mind is slow to seek the path of righteousness,
After you are tested, stand firm in the path of righteousness.

Whenever the next grief, you are spread,
Only then will the search, the right way of justice be found.

BD News Online

BD News Online

*** Bead ***

After people, society, country, race or metal,
If the beam is attacked, it is destroyed immediately.

Neither male nor female abstinence, nor equal to evil deeds,
His character and actions are affected by the bead, so he is a traitor.

If the president of the society is a miser, the misdemeanors take the opportunity,
The unjust, the injustice, like the torture, the innocent victims of the disease.

A nation in which violence, violence, strife, strife, blatant brutality,
The nation afflicted with epilepsy, neglected, deprived, deprived of improvement.

In a country where corruption, terrorism, like the black market, influences the beam,
In this country, happiness, and peace, people suffer, people, die in distress.

No matter how hard the iron is, the soil,
Whenever there is rust, Sara is surrounded by a spiral.

The people of the nation will be, then, ideal, honest, addicted to the Creator,
The ominous power is afflicted by a beam, whenever it is free.

From society to the whole country, there will be no end to happiness,
The day the country will be liberated from the mortal infection.

People, societies, nations need peace and security,
To protect against the destructive bee infection, alert and alert everyone.
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