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Trump News Conference Today

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Trump News Conference Today

Trump News Conference Today

We know that by the Trump News Conference Today, A Worldwide Storm Of Condemnation Against Trump's "Racist Remarks". Various countries, including the United Nations, have strongly condemned the allegations that President Trump has made racist remarks about some countries in very derogatory terms.

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Trump News

During this meeting with members of Congress, Mr. Trump is alleged to have used obscene and offensive language.

Various countries, including the United Nations, have condemned the accusation that US President Donald Trump has described Haiti, El Salvador, and some African countries in very obscure language.

Trump News Today

During a meeting with members of Congress in the White House on immigration policy, President Trump compared these countries to "shit holes" or "closet holes", the US media reported.

President Trump, however, refuses to use such words after widespread condemnation and protests around the world.

Latest Trump News

But Senator Dick Durbin, a U.S. Democrat in that meeting, claims he heard the president use racist words. He has used the term, not just once, but several times. He described some African countries as 'shithole'.

Donald Trump News

The news was published Thursday in several newspapers, including reputed US newspapers, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. There was no protest from the White House.

Senator Dick Durbin said, that "I can not believe these words that the president used past, in the story of the White House, settling in that Oval Office before any president has ever said it."

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Yesterday, a group of Republican and Democrat party senators approached the president with a proposal.

Then-President Trump or told them that instead of sheltering people from countries affected by natural disasters, wars or similar disasters, the United States should bring immigrants from countries like Norway.

Trump Today

The Washington Post quoted the president as saying directly, after which he said, "Why do people have to be brought to our country from all these 'shit hole' countries."

Senator Durbin said that when the president was informed that most of the immigrants who received 'Temporary Protected Status' (TPS) or temporary protection were citizens of El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti, the president said,' Hessian? Do we really need any more hessian "?

However, since Friday morning, Donald Trump has declined to say such a tweet. "I didn't say bad things about the Haitian people," he said.

Botswana called on the US ambassador to the country, protesting President Trump's remarks, saying the talks were "irresponsible, blasphemous and racist."

The African Union says they are appalled by President Trump's comments.

A UN human rights spokeswoman, Rupert Colville, said it would be embarrassing and embarrassing if the president really said these things. He said there was no chance of saying anything other than calling it 'racist'.

And the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a group of white citizens in the United States, says the president is getting deeper and deeper into the pit of racism and foreign hatred.

Cedric Richmond, a black member of Congress, says that the fact that the president is trying to make America a better country is actually a white country.

Trump Latest News

Trump's Message to Kim - My atomic bomb switch is bigger and more powerful than yours.

The fight between the United States and the North Korean leader is gradually turning into a personal attack.

American President Donald Trump boasted that his nuclear bomb switch was "much bigger" and "more powerful" than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's bomb switch.

Mr. Trump's tweet added new excitement to the tweet that was being fought on a personal level between the leaders of the two nuclear weapons nations.

Earlier this week, Mr. Kim said his atomic bomb switch was "always on my desk".

The comments made by Mr. Trump without any regard have been a blow to social media.

Mr. Trump himself took credit for not having a plane crash is one of a series of tweets he posted one after another. In a sarcastic tweet, most "corrupt media outlets" will be given the title for their achievement and threatened to stop relief for the Palestinians, saying they are "thankful and respectful".

Mr. Trump's latest comment is not new to the fact that any American president has the code for a nuclear bomb switch, and that the United States has the largest nuclear weapons store in the world.

North Korea claims they have nuclear weapons and are capable of hitting the United States.

Trump News Conference Today, trump news today, trump news today fox news, trump news google, trump news Iran, trump news now, trump news twitter, trump news fox news.
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